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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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we're all in danger here. >> homeowners around the bay area are sfrtruggling to deal wh natural disasters caused by all of this rain. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. >> i'm garvin thomas. storm damage is in the millions. and there's one big question, who's going to pay for it all? tonight we know the answer and it's not something many homeowners wanted to hear. cheryl hurd has the latest from san pablo where the earth is
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still sliding. cheryl? >> reporter: it is indeed, garvin. the damage you see here is going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair. who's going to pay for it is thth ththe million-dollar question. leon walker is watching his backyard go from this to this. it's slowly slipping away after last week's san pablo hills landslide. >> i can't get any equipment out here to shore this up. but if i do, that's still there. so it would be moot for me to do anything to this. if they don't address that. or the problem that they didn't address in '75. >> reporter: walker showed us these photos from 1975. you see the debris left behind from a home that slid down the hill during a landslide them. walker says he didn't know about the landslide threat before moving in. san pablo city officials are declaring a state of emergency
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on yellow-tagged homes on wyman and hillcrest streets. the cleanup is going to cost thousands of dollars. money the city says it doesn't have. >> i don't know what the costs of this repair could be, but the reserves that we do have, if we try to use those to fix this repair would most likely threaten the future of the city going forward. >> reporter: a small santa cruz city is experiencing a similar problem. the question for capitola officials, who's going to pay for damage after a drainage pipe burst and septembernt a wall of and mud through a beach town. >> we haven't figured out the insurance point at this point. right now it's out of the emergency fund. >> reporter: but that $650,000 emergency fund won't be nearly enough to get things back to normal. now, there's a similar situation going on just ten miles away in the city of hercules. four homes have been red tagged. four homes yellow tagged.
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and that situation has been going on for two or three weeks. reporting live in san pablo, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> all right, cheryl, thank you. a motorcycle officer is in the hospital tonight. and police are looking for a hit-and-run driver after a crash at a busy intersection. it started when this officer was reportedly following a speeding driver this afternoon. as he approached the intersection of alma avenue and south first street, he crashed into a different car, a light blue honda accord. authorities say the driver of that honda cut off the officer causing that crash. the driver flet the sced the sc. police have not released the condition of the officer tonight. the u.s. heard from the commander in chief tonight about the crisis in libya. president obama told the country the u.s. strategy is working. innocent civilians are not being slaughtered in the civil war. >> some nations may be able to
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turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. the united states of america is different. and as president, i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. >> the rebels are now moving almost uninterrupted toward tripoli. gadhafi's soldiers are taking off their uniforms, even leaving meals half eaten in attempts to flee the front. the military has taken control of operations and the u.s. role. what he did not say is what critics are talking about tonight. the president did not discuss an exit strategy. they say the country cannot afford another war right now. she has become the face of the crisis in libya, the mystery woman who dared to speak out against gadhafi's regime. her allegations, rape, for tour and brutality. press crews from around the world were this this weekend as police took her custody this all
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in five minutes, we'll have an update. there are thousands of u.s. military members searching in the middle east now witnessing a remarkable range of events. hours ago a u.s. marine ended his tour of duty in afghanistan and returned home to the bay area. and he has quite a story to share. nbc bay area's kimberly terry was the only bay area reporter there. when he arrived. she's live with a story you'll see only on bay area news. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, it was a happy home coming to a man who was recently injured in afghanistan. u.s. marine corps master sergeant richard boomer arrived at san jose international airport to a happy bunch of family and friends including a 7-month-old son he hasn't seen since his birth. >> it feels great. it's been a long time coming. >> emotional when he leaves. even more when he comes home. >> every day is like russian roulette wondering what's going
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to happen. we're so happy to have him home. >> reporter: boomer arrived using the help of a cane. the 39-year-old was injured in combat in safg two weeks before his one-year deployment was up. >> he's very, very fortunate. some of his best buddies didn't make it. >> reporter: boomer will be home for a couple weeks and then return to camp pendleton. >> everything seems to be in order. it's just a matter of healing. >> reporter: boomer has fought in four wars and has 22 years of service. he says regardless how americans feel about the war, he hopes they support the marines and other u.s. military who he says are doing an exceptional jobs overseas. >> to be just with those marines at that time is just amazing because it's a great opportunity that i was given. unfortunately, it's not the greatest circumstances. however, you know, we try to do the best we can, and they are doing great things. >> and while his family and friends had to suffer through
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this deployment, they understand it's nothing compared to what boomer and other service members have been through. >> amazing. absolutely a commitment that i don't think i could have ever done myself. and without people like richard, we wouldn't have what we have today. >> reporter: boomer is hoping to be fully healed in less than a month. he's also hoping to retire soon and come back to the south bay and return to work as a general contractor. live at the san jose airport, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. a cargo ship from japan is en route to oakland expected to reach port tomorrow night. friday night a cargo ship from japan docked. it tested positive for low levels of radiation. there is a monitoring system set up to screen each ship and its cargo. we'll keep you posted on what is found there. it is the latest development as we continue to follow the disaster in japan and its impact around the world. the situation at the fukushima
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nuclear power plant is intensify. emergency crews are dealing with a reactor that's been leaking for two weeks. workers are trying to contain and dispose of new pools of radioactive water leaking from the plant. this highly toxic plutonium continues to leak into the soil outside. officials there insist neither leak poses a threat to public health. many concerned citizens attended a vigil held at san francisco's civic center. more than 150 communities participated in the nationwide vigil on this day which also marks the 32nd anniversary of the three mile island nuclear meltdown in pennsylvania. the san francisco giants are trying to lend a helping hand to the quake victims in japan tonight. >> the team invited more than 100 volunteers to collect donations outside the park. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is live with the relief efforts. jeff? >> reporter: that's right. with all that competition on the field, there certainly was one
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common theme mixed in throughout that sea of orange and black. and that was actually the color red as over 100 volunteers from the japanese cultural community center of northern california were out collecting those donations. giants fans stepped up on the plate, they hit a home run tonight. very eager to help donate as this organization has collected over $1 million in the past several weeks to help those devastated victims in northern jap japan. on top of that the giants also donating some $12,000 well. the need is great even though those numbers raised. they are still being asked for. >> it's freezing. we'll have been wet and cold for over two weeks now and in temporary shelters. they haven't been able to bathe. today they've been allowed water to brush their teeth. up till now it's just been
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drinking water because it's hard to get supplies in, especially to some of the towns almost completely wiped out. >> what kind of things do they need? >> we're talking basic human needs, water, food, diapers for babies, things for women and men, toothbrushes, things we take for granted every day. >> please. >> reporter: so really just taking it minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day there. in the past 24 hours, nine aftershocks, the largest one rating a 6.1. again, go online to donate and find out more. back here in earthquake country in northern california, we did have some of the best weather in weeks. coming up in minutes, we'll tell you when these mid-70s are going to arrive across the bay area. you're not going to want to miss this. it's really going to be nice as we head throughout part of this week. >> i'm looking forward to it. thanks, jeff. barry bonds' ex-mistress
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tells all. >> something right out of a hollywood script. it had a little bit of something for everyone. >> intimated details between two lovers made public at least from her perspective. and even during the trial, the defense called the testimony vulgar. what it means for bonds and for baseball. it never occurs to most people that underneath the ground, there might be an ice age animal. >> a major discovery in a northern california town. and only we have special access to the dig. we'll show you why scientists think this might be of a one of a kind find and why it's a race against time to preserve it. and what happened to that libyan woman who dared to speak out against gadhafi and his soldiers? we have another di ctoryg omin bient up theto cexryint. up next.
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we have an update to a story we reported over the weekend from libya. a libyan woman frantically sought out western media at their hotel in tripoli to tell a harrowing story of being assaulted by gadhafi soldiers. while there are still many questions about the accuracy of her allegations, our jim maceda learned more about that woman.
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>> reporter: it was an act of bravery fueled by despair. this libyan woman reaching out to a group of foreign reporters as they ate breakfast pointing to bruises on her face, she yelled, "gadhafi did this!" and even as hotel security restrained her, she screamed out her story. how she was stopped at a check point outside tripoli held for two days by those she called gadhafi's men who she says gang raped her and beat her. by then even the waitresses were turning on her, calling her a traitor, trying to hide her head, as if that would silence her. in the chasm , she would not ye be able to tell her story. only hours later did we learn her name, iman bait take, 26 years old, living in tripoli and from a prominent family. at first the libyan government suggested she had been drunk, a
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prostitute and perhaps mentally declaped. deranged, but backed off all claims. >> so these four or five individuals. >> reporter: one of them, the son of a high-ranking police officer. in an interview with al jazeera, her parents held up a photo. her mothers she's still being held in counter's port tort. there are still many unknowns about her and gaps in her story, but she's a disturbing example of what can happen here when someone has the courage to speak out. jim maceda, nbc news, tripoli. here at home, the fbi and federal agents are trying to figure out who hid a pipe bomb in a newspaper that injured an elderly man when it exploded. the vacaville man is recovering after surgery.
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investigators say the bomb exploded when the 80-year-old picked up his sunday paper yesterday morning. it's unclear whether he was targeteded or a random victim of a dangerous prank. neighbors tell us they can't make any sense of what happened. >> nice, quiet neighbors. he was an older gentleman. he just keeps his lawn mowed and minds his own business. >> the victim is recovering at uc-davis medicine condition. serious but stable. tonight jurors in the barry bonds perjury trial are digesting the shocking and descriptive testimony given by the slugger's longtime mistress. taken the stand for much of the day, bell told how bonds attributed a 1999 injury to steroids. she also said how he threatened to cut out her breast implanteds and burn down the arizona home he bought for her. further testimony included details of his shrinking testicles, back acne and other symptoms consistent with steroid
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use. the defense attorney accused bell of being vulgar. giants equipment manager mike murphy also testified bonds' hat size increased an eighth of an inch during his time with the team. for more on details and what this might mean for baseball in general, you can always go to our weeb sibsite. jeff ranieri is out at the ballpark. there was a found razor for jap japan quake and salmonella vict quake and tsunami victims. >> reporter: there was plenty of red out here tonight, but it had nothing so do with the a's hesing. if you missed it at the top of the show, it's because the giants joined in with the japanese culture community center 6 northern california to help donate to the relief fund, do that at
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a very, very amazing organization that is doing wonders in northern japan. let's go our graphics. we are talking about some of the best weather in weeks. maybe even months here. we have high pressure building in. this is going to start to clear. another cool and warmingnto the 70s for some of you. high pressure sitting offshore. that's going to force a lot of compressional heating down to the surface and actually send that storm track we have been dealing with for the past eight weeks well no the damage, temperatures tomorrow will be popping up into the low to mid-70s. in the east and also each week
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and by wednesday and thursday, that is when we are expecting some of the warmest weather coming our way inspe. wednesday, thursday and friday. sunny skies, temperatures low to mid-70s. and even some of the forecast models by wednesday and models are hadn'ting at the chance of upper 70s, maybe i'll have that hard job with me as we head throughout tuesday. no doubt we could be having some of the warmest weather we have had in weeks coming back. i'm not hearing any complaints, those. you guys? >> absolutely not. i have friends coming in from california. we were not the first
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residents in the bay area. and by that i don't mean the immigrants who came before us or even native american tribes who lived here sentries before it. i heme-- our bay area was given special access to the dig site when it's already made first, but it's a foresul of what may ends up on your kitchen table, if what's been on this entire scene. >> reporter: dr. timothy king is one of three directors of the
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excavation team. he said just about harmland was being there and weighing ten tons, the colombian mammoth roamed 10,000 years ago. it is a relative of the much better known woolly mammoth, it is in part the lack of fame and lack of -- >> under a cloud of secrecy, team as well as as every other schools, not just one but two, an adult and infant. and they found not tusk and bone but still.
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>> if they are able to extract dna, there is always a tice thing. >> reporter: but making history is rarely easy. and this gig is no longest. our recent wet weather has created a sea of sticky clay mud. making not just difficult but even walking a challenge. so you have to wonder, how why in these conditions? well, they really didn't see mu much, so they'll have to be thorough and last as well. they have already uncovered 10% of what they think is there and
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that's also really exciting for all of us. >> well, the team likes to think of the two mammoths as a mother and her baby. they said she can't file for sure. the gasme f was geniv naming rights, stella for the adult and addi for the infant.
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imagine driving on the
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good evening. this is what an exhibition game is like. we cannot wait to see what's
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going to happen at the home opener, an electric night at china basin. fans pouring in with urgency. welcoming back the giants for the first night since game two of the world series. the a's visiting. tied at 1-1, pat burrell gets to brett anderson. aubrey huff was at second. he scores. and buster posey, a spring .422 average, hoofing it from first. the giants are up two after the two-rbi double. matt cain was solid. he would leave to an ovation in the sixth. top five, gives up a two-rbi single. that ties it. kouzmanoff and crisp both scoring. it's 3-3. we all know about coco's power to right. the orun-one lead would hold. check out perhaps the most encouraging moment. we're told he's less than
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opening day 50/50. pablo snagging the hideki matsui pop, two more games, tomorrow in oakland and wednesday in san francisco. tonight fans of both teams interested in seeing the champs and their crossbay rivals. >> last time i was here, cane was pitching, we won and i'm back and he's pitching again and i'm very exciteded. >> it's exciteding. this is preseason. this is really the best sky. the stanford women looking for a so the in the final four. tonight here in spokane, the home of their opponent, gonzaga. watching the sister act work wonders. the miss but older sister neka
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with the rebound. the pig dirfferent was the three-ball. pullen with 17 points, 15 of those from beyond the ark. stanfo arc. stanford headed back to the final four. they'll face either texas or baylor. they play each other tomorrow. >> it's a big dream for people. some people don't even get that close. i'm more than willing to win the file four. i'm just proud of how we set up and how people made huge plays in the second half and how we rebounded. we really owned the glass tonight and, you know, i mean, i'm just really proud of how people stepped up. >> four straight, that's a big deal. ye.arybe isyear. even as a cal fan, i find it exciting. thanks, laurence
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thank you very much for joining us tonight. "the tonight show" is next. >> our next newscast is tomorrow morning bright and early at 4:30. have a good night. our latest editorial states overpopulated prisons sentence our state to more debt. we believe attorney general
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carmela harris's back on track program for nonvie lent offenders is a physician valley and socially smart solution. annette agrees and strikes out against three strikes. we've spentle abouts of dollars since it was enacted to deal with issues that could have been much more effective. another commends harris. for once, one of our politicians has made a logical, forward-thinking, money-saving suggestion. it's possible that this could save a large percentage from leading a life of crime. and stella leaves this sobering thought. all i hear is that california is in such debt, and what do they do? go after the schools, health care and community services that really hurt people. thanks, as always. join us ,neli


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